Antibody and Antibody-Like Compounds

About i2 Pharmaceuticals Surrobody Technology

Features of Surrobody Technology include:

  • Approximately $30M invested by Sea Lane to develop and validate the technology
  • Extensive worldwide patent rights
  • Multiple examples of Bi- and Mono-specific assets against Immuno-Oncology targets (checkpoint inhibitors), both approved targets and those in clinical development
  • Patented process for the creation of superior fully human antibodies and related engineered proteins (Surrobodies)
  • Excellent Antibody-like Pharmacokinetics (PK)
  • No compromise in Antibody-like manufacturing (CMC)

Surrogate Light Chain

Human Antibody Libraries

  • World class, well validated, fully human antibody libraries to drive traditional biotherapeutic discovery
  • Libraries produce high affinity antibodies with demonstrated utility over a broad range of different therapeutic targets

ConCIRT Diversity & EnCORE Optimization

  • World’s largest rationally designed fully synthetic human antibody repertoire with built in optimization capabilities
  • ConCIRT = Contextual, Combinatorial, Immune ReperToire
  • 56 Billion, fully human, synthetically constructed antibodies arrayed in over 100 separate phage displayed sublibraries
    • Sublibrary architecture maximizes productivity and flexibility
    • Direct path to address bedeviling dominant clone problem
  • High quality antibodies generated to over 45 different targets, spanning most mAb addressable target classes
    • Hits from initial screens usually nM to pM affinities prior to any optimization/modulation
  • All six CDR (Complementarity Determining Regions) diversity in 36 heavy chain / light chain gene family pairs
    • Human germline frameworks leads to reduced ADA (Anti-Drug Antibody) response
    • Highly diverse, multi epitope mAbs with consistent expression, stability and manufacturability


  • Human disease focused antibody libraries, including the influenza program
  • Proprietary optimization technology optimized to work with our ConCIRT library technology
  • Rapidly and rationally expands leads into screen ready libraries to generate optimized variants
    • Can optimize individual antibodies or collections of antibodies
    • Tunable one or two step process provides a range of multiple opportunities for additional leads